Daily Maintenance Of Stage Lights

    Maintenance method of lamps:

        If the lamp has dust, smoke and particles that can strip the appearance of the equipment, it may even cause overheating and damage the equipment. Therefore, before the shell is disassembled, the power supply must be disconnected and the shell of the equipment must be wiped frequently, which can be determined according to the working environment; when the ambient temperature exceeds 40 ℃, do not operate the computer head lamp; when using, it must be grounded, moisture-proof, waterproof, and determine the normal use of the electric pressure range.

    Maintenance of lamps

    1、 Keep clean

        1.7 days regular maintenance of products.

        2. Be careful when wiping optical elements. Make them work in a clean and clean place. The surface of optical elements is easy to scratch and break. Do not use the solution to wipe the lamp shell, otherwise it is easy to damage the plastic and coating layer.

        3. Check the air filter network regularly, and clean it if it is blocked.

        4. Clean the fan and vent regularly to ensure the cooling effect of the bulb.

        5. Regularly check whether the appearance and shell of lamps are firmly installed and whether all screws are locked.

    2、 Wipe optics

        1. Disconnect the power supply, make the parts cool down completely, and remove the lamp cover.

        2. Blow off the dust particles on the surface of components with an air gun.

        3. Use a colorless soft cloth or cotton swab stained with glass clear liquid or distilled water to wipe off the scale on the surface of the component. Do not scratch the surface, but rub it several times.

        4. Wet the industrial alcohol with colorless paper cotton or cotton swab to remove the smoke and dirt on the surface (the detergent is limited to acetone of specified grade or 90% ethanol). The mirror is fragile. Do not use too much force.

        5. Glass cleaning solution can also be used, but the scale must be removed with distilled water. Use a clean soft cloth to wipe gently from the center to the edge or blow with an air gun.

    3、 Wipe fans and vents

        1. Use soft brush, cotton swab, vacuum cleaner and air gun to remove dirt on the surface.

    4、 Clean or replace the air filter

        1. Disconnect the power supply, loosen two screws on each side with a screwdriver, remove the protective cover and remove the blades.

        2. Clean the surface with a vacuum cleaner or air gun, or replace them. If it is discolored by pollution such as tobacco stains, it can be soaked in soapy water and dried.

        3. Replace the blades or covers.

    5、 Replace components

        1. Do not short-circuit the temperature control switch or fuse directly. Replace the defective temperature control switch or fuse according to the original model and parameters of the original manufacturer.

        2. The inflammable raw materials (alcohol, gasoline, paper) shall be kept at least 1 meter away from the lamp body, so as to avoid the high temperature on the surface of the lamp igniting other inflammables.

        3. The computer head lamp is not a non combustible object, so the surface cannot be close to the fire source for a long time within one meter.

        4. Filter or other items shall not be placed on the three lenses in the lamp body.

        5. The external surface of the computer head lamp will become very hot when it is used for a long time, so it should be cooled to room temperature before changing the bulb or other accessories.

        6. Do not use accessories not approved by the original factory to repair or install lamps.

        7. If the lamp with high efficiency LED light source is used, please do not change the light source at will.

    6、 Cleaning and replacement of light bulb

        1. pay attention! Do not touch the quartz glass directly with your hands.

        2. When cleaning the bulb, your fingers must be clean and oil-free. Wipe the bulb with alcohol, and then polish it with a clean cloth. Be careful not to touch the bulb accidentally, and then install the bulb after the alcohol completely evaporates.