Stage Art Planning

    Stage art planning is an increasingly important work with the continuous development of stage, film and television art. Stage art is not an independent way of artistic expression, but a comprehensive stage art that gathers a variety of visual arts.

    Correct combination with stage machinery and equipment

        Nowadays, the technological content of stage machinery and equipment is constantly increasing, from the original single function channel, manual push-pull platform, simple lifting platform and turntable to a large-scale fully automatic mechanical stage. Some of the stage organizations also use remote control equipment and digital program-controlled equipment.

    The stage planning of CCTV Channel 9"s opening party uses large-scale machinery and equipment to lift the channel with a weight of several tons in a short period of time, so that the whole stage planning concept can be reflected in a moment. Of course, the excellent use of stage organization in stage planning is indeed a test of the planner"s planning level and boldness. The reasonable cooperation in the planning, operation and other types of work as well as the reasonable use of large-scale stage machinery and equipment can not be achieved by simple ideas. The stage experience and constantly updated planning concept are in great demand, and there is also the energy to constantly surpass oneself. Flexible use of different planning sites

        With regard to the place itself as the key element of landscape design, planners have put forward some innovative Imagination: that is, to make full use of symbol space, action space, feeling space and communication space, so as to expand the space of stage landscape design. It can be seen that the stage space has an inexhaustible in-depth inner exploration. In the stage art processing, it will fully reflect the appearance tendency and the sculpture like space to achieve the harmony in common.

        Today"s stage planning personality is the integration of function, space organization and way innovation. To seek outstanding service and application function in stage art planning. For example: channel (combination of channels) is established on the stage, ramp stage, lifting stage, elastic stage and parallel car platform, rotating turntable, etc., all of which use sufficient stage display space available to complete the extension of stage space shape.

    In recent years, with the diversification of TV programs and the full involvement of various industries in the media, the manufacturing sites of TV programs have become more and more disorderly. This requires planners not only to be a simple "indoor" planner, but to be able to go out and get used to all kinds of messy planning sites. The dance planning of the "three high" concerts in the Forbidden City held in Beijing is a very difficult outdoor dance planning. In terms of planning requirements, it is necessary to maintain miracles and show the face of the imperial city. So the planners reconstructed a wall of the "imperial city" in the outskirts of the emperor, and attached with a large screen projection. At night, in the endless "Scene" of the red wall in the whole process, the modern smell brought by the large screen is integrated with the old civilization. Looking from the front, it seems that what people are facing is not a set, but a real wall. The true and the false live together. The audience can"t help but admire the endless visual enjoyment brought by the planners from their hearts.