Lux Club lighting design happy hour at night

    Lux Club lighting design happy hour at night(图1)

    After a long period of intense preparation, lux Club officially started its trial operation in June, brushing the screen of the circle of friends in Pinghu, Shenzhen, so that it was dancing on the night when it should have been sleeping, creating a happy time at night. Lux club's lighting design is the most subversive design in 2021, with a storey height of 8m and a golden space of 600m2.

    Lux Club lighting design happy hour at night(图2)

    The design takes "special-shaped space" as the theme and Wufeng brand series lamps form a desire perception, exquisite and fantastic, like a science fiction blockbuster scene. The top-level lighting equipment, creative on-site design, breaking through the imaginative dance beauty bonus, has brought super combustion light and shadow to the scene.

    Lux Club lighting design happy hour at night(图3)

    You need to be fully prepared for the first time, because this belongs to the space of the universe, and you are the guest of this alien. At the beginning of the design, the latest consideration in the lighting design is how to make every part of the space have different characteristics, and can meet the needs of all performances and show different visual effects. The total number of on-site lamps is 523, including 132 shaking beam lamps and 166 full-color matrix lamps, dyeing lamps and strobe lamps.