Shenzhen TIMI 20XX open unknown

    After just three days of opening, TIMI culb has occupied the top 1 of Shenzhen entertainment popularity list, with a popularity of 150W. TIMI culb has resolutely become a punch in place for many players in Shenzhen. The entertainment trend of the city appears incisively and vividly after nightfall, and the top nightclubs have become the landmark center of people's nightlife. In addition to the colorful audio-visual feast, the nightclub is intoxicated by the design that integrates technology and art.

    Shenzhen TIMI 20XX open unknown(图1)

    Muge optoelectronics tailored the most cutting-edge nightclub lighting design of commercial entertainment space for TIMI culb, with the design concept of creating a multifunctional entertainment lighting place and immersive experience.

    Shenzhen TIMI 20XX open unknown(图2)

    Make full use of the 12m floor height of the site, with a large space of 800m2, and adopt 1265 + sets of moogle brand lighting products. 44 sets of 380W three in one shaking head lamps and 220 sets of 280W beam lamps are used as the main lamps, and 448 sets of led36 full-color matrix lamps, 112 sets of shaking head two in one color stroboscopic lamps, 12 sets of 40W (four in one RGBW) led shaking head dyeing and other lamps form a layer by layer inlaid design layout from the inside out, Make the space concave convex hierarchical, bring different experiences in different positions, and deeply create the visual differences of the same space.

    Shenzhen TIMI 20XX open unknown(图3)

    Waiting for the night to fall, here is full of extraordinary imagination and creativity. The full immersion lighting effect makes you feel the unknown and set off a new wave of fun!