1). Power Supply Input voltage: AC90-240V/50-...

18X18W LED PAR(图1)

18X18W LED PAR(图2)

18X18W LED PAR(图3)

18X18W LED PAR(图4)

18X18W LED PAR(图5)

18X18W LED PAR(图6)

18X18W LED PAR(图7)

18X18W LED PAR(图8)

18X18W LED PAR(图9)

18X18W LED PAR(图10)

18X18W LED PAR(图11)

18X18W LED PAR(图12)

18X18W LED PAR(图13)

18X18W LED PAR(图14)

18X18W LED PAR(图15)

18X18W LED PAR(图16)

18X18W LED PAR(图17)

1). Power Supply 

Input voltage: AC90-240V/50-60 Hz 

Rated power: 400 (W)

 2).  The Light Source 

Color: 18pcs LED 18W RGBWAP 6in1

Current :600-700mA 

Lifespan: 100 thousand hours

Projection distance : 8m

3).  The Control Mode 

Control: DMX512 master-slave control, self-propelled , sound control, gradual, saltus steps

Channel: 6/10 channels (digital display)

4).  Appearance: 

Housing: die-cast aluminum 

Size: L33*24*34cm 

Weight: 5kg 

Color: black 

Fixture connection:Data in/out power in/out

Cooling System: Cooling fan

Power failure memory

Certification: CE, ROHS 

Waterproof : IP20 

Working environment: -20°C~+40°C