200W 3in1 Led Moving Head light

LED 300W pattern head lightLight source: 300W...

ight source: 200W LED white light module maximum power: 290W

Power supply: wide voltage input switching power supply 100V-240V 50-60Hz

Color temperature: 7500K

Lamp life: 50000 hours

Angle of light spot: 7-21 degrees

Control mode: 18 channels, DMX512 signal input, voice control, automatic operation.

X/Y scan: 540 degrees, vertical: 270 degrees

Color: 9 color plates + white light, rainbow effect, can be positioned arbitrarily.

Pattern: 7 pluggable pattern, pattern rotation, pattern water effect fixed pattern: 10 fixed pattern + white light, with jitter, positive and negative water effect dimming: 0-100 linear dimming

Stroboscopic: 0-25ZH/S per second, synchronous pulse stroboscopic, random pulse stroboscopic effect plate: 4 prism, with positive and negative rotation effect.

Display: LCD display, Chinese and English display, reverse display product size: 343*232*537MM

Package size: 57x45x44MM net weight: 15KG

Gross weight: 18KG