440W CMY 3in1 Moving Head Light

Light source: Yodn 440WMaximum power: 600-800...

Light source: Yodn 440W

Maximum power: 600-800W

Power supply: Wide voltage input switching power supply 100V-240V 50-60Hz Color temperature: 6500K-8000K

Lifespan:1500 hours

Beam angle: 2-50°

Software upgrade: easy and quick upgrade of software through DMX data cable RDM function: change the DMX address code, channel mode and other functions by the console

Artnet function for option

Control mode: DMX512, Auto, Master-slave mode

Channel mode: 26CH/30CH

X/Y scan: horizontal 540°, vertical: 270°

CMY independent color mixing system, can adjust more colors

Color plate: 13 color chips + pure white light, rainbow effect, locate randomly Rotating pattern plate: 7 plug type pattern, rotation effect, water effect

Rotation pattern autorotation: can locate at any angle

Fixed pattern: 14 fixed pattern, dithering water effect

Dynamic effect panel: independent panel can achieve water, flame, star effect.

6 color panel: one independent 6 color panel, can achieve rainbow effect

Fog mirror: fog soft light mirror

Dimming: 0-100% linear dimming

Strobe: sync pulse strobe, random pulse strobe

Prism panel 1: 8 prism, both-way rotation effect

Prism panel 2: 16 prism, both-way rotation effect, 6-row mirror for option

Prism focus: focus independently and capture the richer effect

Focus: pattern sharpness can be adjusted freely

Magnify: light spot can be adjusted from 3 degrees to 50 degrees

Display: 2.8-inch touch color LCD display, with Chinese and English, can reverse display