350W 3in1 Moving Head Light

Light source: Yodn 440WMaximum power: 600-800...

Voltage: 100W~240V/50-60Hz (100~120V/ 50-60Hz selective )

DMX Channel:16/24CHs

Control model:DMX512,Auto model

LED LCD Display+Press button,English/Chinese,

Diplsay board intelligent flip function.

Light Source:Yodn 17R lamp

Super fast and ultra silence 3-phase step motots

 Color temperature is 8000K,life span is 2000Hs.

13 Color with white,dual color effect.

14 fixed gobo with open circle

9 changeable rotating three-dimensional gobo with white.

Any two-kinds prism stack can combine dynamic effect 

positive and negative rotation switching effect.

Optical lens: High precision glued optical lens combination

Focus: Linear focus

Zoom: Linear zoom.

Dimmer: 0-100% linear dimmer. 

Beam angle: 2-38 degree.

Strobe: two-pieces plate strobe(0.5-9FPS)

16pcs super silence motors,pan&tilt 3-phase step motors,16bit.

Housing: High temperature resistant alloy plastic

IP Rate: IP20


Size: 361*300.8*601.8mm