280W 3in1 Moving Head Light (HOT)

Light source: Yodn 440WMaximum power: 600-800...

Voltage: AC100~240V, 50~60 Hz 

Ballast: E-ballast

Lamp: Osram 10R 280W lamp

Power: 470W

Life span: 2000 hours  

Display software functions:

Clicking directly on the display can control all functions 

Can rotate in 180 degrees

Can show lamp life span 

Adopting color LCD touch screen (2.8 inches) in display board

Can input customized brand name and item number directly

Random replacement between English and Chinese

Can be directly monitor and set all functions from the display 

Gobo wheel:  

Gobo wheel 1: rotatable with 9 glass gobos plus white plus auto rotation, changeable gobos (diameter: 15.4 mm, effective inner diameter: 13 mm)

Gobo wheel 2: 13 metal gobos plus white

Color wheel: one color wheel with 13 colors plus white

Effect wheels: two rotating prisms: Bilateral 8-facet circular prism and Bilateral 6-facet linear prism, with frost effect  

Lens group of optics system: electric focus, with beam angle 0 ~ 20 °; adopting photoelectric reposition system, can automatically retrieve reset if false action happens accidentally 

Wash effect: adjustable wash effect angle 

Beam: multi-class beam adjustment

Focus: linear adjustment

Dimmer: 0-100% linear adjustment, supporting mechanical strobe, adjustable speed strobe effect and strobe macro functions

Projecting range: Pan 540°, Tilt 239° automatically accurate positioning

Scanning speed: Pan 540°/ 3 sec, Tilt 239° / 2 sec

Beam angle: linear zoom 4-25°

Strobe: double strobe function, 0.5-14 times / sec adjustable)

Motor quantity: 15 units mute sound motors, containing 2 units three-phase motors, 16bit drive

Control mode: Standard DMX512

Appearance: heat-proof plastic, module pressing alloy materials

IP Rate: IP20

Light size: 37*25.6*60 cm   

Carton case size: 40*29*63 cm  

Net weight: 18 kg   

Gross weight: 20 kg