250W Moving head light

Light source: Yodn 440WMaximum power: 600-800...

Power supply: AC100V-240V

Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz

Max power consumption:450W

Fuse: 5A

Ballast: Electronic Ballast

Light source: Philips original 250W

Color temperature: 7800K

Lifespan: 2000H

Number of motors: total 13pcs quiet motors, XY three-phase motors

Dimming: Independent double piece device, 0-14 times/second ultra-high speed strobe, 0-100% linear dimming.

Fixed color: 14 color patches + white light, can achieve half color, full color, single and double color gradient and slow-fast forward and backward direction rainbow effect with Hall, magnet positioning and automatic error correction at any angle.

Static pattern: one metal pattern plate (white light + 9 patterns + 4 glass patterns), which can realize water flow, jitter, random motion and slow and fast conversion effect in the positive and negative directions. Using imported Italy special high temperature resistant metal material with Hall, magnet positioning and automatic error correction at any angle.

Prism: 8+8+8 beehive prism, 12 prism, prism can be superimposed, can rotate independently in both directions, prism without black dots, prism overlay is still clear, color chip: 1 six-color film (can do colorful effects)

Atomization: 1 independent atomization effect, the spot is soft and natural

Control channel: 16CH channel

Control signal: international standard DMX512

Appearance material: high temperature resistant plastic

Body color: black

IP grade: IP20

Net weight: 14kg